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About Pamporovo

Pamporovo resort

The winter resort of Pamporovo is situated at the foot of mount Snezhanka (1926 m) in the Rhodopes mountains, at 260 km from Sofia, 85 km from Plovdiv and 16 km from Smolyan. The resort is located at 1650 m above sea level. The average annual temperature is 5.5 degrees. Pamporovo exists as a resort from the 60ies of the 20th century.

Almost all the ski runs in the resort start from Snezhanka Peak, with their altitude varying from 1930 to 1444 m. Pamporovo has 37 km of runs, the longest of which is 5.1 km and the maximum displacement is 476 m. The tracks are of varying difficulty - ranging from ones for beginners to those for advanced athletes. There are 9 tows and 6 lifts available to tourists.

The tracks in the resort can also be used by snowboarders, there is a halfpipe, as well as good opportunities for downhill skiing on natural terrain. Pamporovo also has cross-country ski runs, with a length of 25 km. In the ski area, there are many places suitable for sledding. For the lovers of the extreme downhill, there is the night lighting of 28 projectors on the "Snezhanka 2" trail, which is 1176 m long, 60 m wide and its displacement is 283 m. Snowmobile trips are also available.

There are several ski schools for children and adults in Pamporovo, as well as a kindergarten for children from 4 to 7 years of age. Those who do not have their own equipment can rent such from one of the resort's wardrobes.

Although mainly known as a winter destination, Pamporovo also has much to offer to the tourists who decide to visit it during the summer. In the Rhodope mountains there are many eco-paths suitable for walking tours, the Trigrad Gorge is a favourite place for the lovers of rock climbing, there are Devil's and Yagodinska cave - some of the most attractive caves in Bulgaria. There is a marked route from Pamporovo to the village of Shiroka Laka, which is also very suitable for cyclists. The rivers and dams in the Rhodope Mountains offer good opportunities for sports fishing, and nature lovers can also explore the area by horse riding. For herb and mushroom gatherers, the area around the resort is very attractive, as here a lot of interesting species grow.

Pamporovo is located in a region with a lot of history. Nearby are the towns of Chepelare and Smolyan, as well as the picturesque villages Shiroka Laka, Stoykite, Gela, Smilyan and Arda, which are very attractive with their well-preserved traditions and the hospitality of the local people. Excursions to historic landmarks in the region and other destinations are also available.

Pamporovo bike park

Velopark Pamporovo was officially opened in the summer of 2012 and quickly managed to become one of the leading bike destinations in Bulgaria.

The park has a total of 5 specialized and distinct routes and mountain biking routes with a total length of over 20 km, suitable for all ages and skills. The routes are filled with various obstacles and games, such as turns, floats, jumps, various wooden constructions, unique in Bulgaria, as well as marked routes with different levels of difficulty, aimed at the cross country discipline.

For all who do not have their own bike, the latest bike models "Drag" are rented on site. In the bike wardrobe of the Studenets we offer different classes bicycles for rent - from ones for a simple ride to those fully equipped for downhill riding, suitable for professionals. Qualified guides are available to accompany every biker on the bike paths.

Velopark Pamporovo has quickly established itself as one of the most visited places for cyclists and tourists. During its first season, the bike-park hosted several sporting events including a national mountain biking championship in downhill and cross country categories, a mountain training workshop, and demonstrations of famous names from the world mountain bike scene. 

Pamporovo Adventure Park

The new adventure park in the resort Pamporovo is ready to welcome you with a series of challenges.
Located in a picturesque forest area in the fresh mountain air, the park offers a combination of outdoor sports activities, games, entertainment and shared emotions. Visitors can enjoy a rope garden with nine elements, a children's trolley, bungee jumps, a slack line, an outdoor gym, a play area, a family cycle track, a forest jogging track, fishing and relaxation areas;
Experienced instructors take care of your safety.

Ticket for a child 7-14 years old: BGN 10.00.
Ticket for an adult: BGN 15.00.