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The National Astronomical Observatory "Rozhen"

The National Astronomical Observatory "Rozhen" is located on the Rhodope mountain Rozhen, at an altitude of 1750 m above sea level, about 25 km from the town of Smolyan. The observatory was opened in 1981. It is the largest astronomical observatory in the Balkans and in general in this region of Southeast Europe.
The Rozhen observatory is equipped with 4 telescopes. It provides observations on a wide range of astronomical and astrophysical tasks - from dynamics and physics of bodies from the Solar System, to extragalactic studies: asteroids and comets, spectra of stars of different classes and types of variability, star clusters, nearby and distant galaxies, quasars.
The National Astronomical Observatory is well equipped to hold scientific meetings, internships and schools. A visitor center with a 30-centimeter demonstration telescope, a lecture hall and a museum collection was also built. Talks and demonstrations are held under the dome of the large telescope for individual and organized tourists.

Visits are made in groups of 6 to 25 people from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every round hour.
Summer season: June 1 - September 30
Tuesday - rest day;
Winter season: October 1 - May 31
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - days off 


The Devil's Throat Cave 

Devil's Throat Cave is 1 km long, but only 350 meters of it can be seen by visitors. It is an abyssal cave between the rocks in the Trigrad Gorge. It was formed by the river, which made slits in the earth's layers. It was discovered in 1961 by Elena Padareva and Nikola Korchev. The cave is after the 100 national tourist sites. The temperature in the cave is 8 degrees.

The entrance is artificially created and is a 150-meter long excavated tunnel. Immediately upon entering, you will also see a depiction of a devil's head carved into the walls. This is one of the favorite places for visitors to take photos. Look to the right and there on the walls you will see a human-sized figure of Orpheus, and immediately after that a small spring with the image of the Virgin. It was believed that its water was healing, so believe in these myths and legends, many people looking for hope take from the water for themselves or their loved ones. Tradition says that it is there, if you make a wish, it will come true .

The tunnel leads you to the Rumbling Hall. There you can hear the loud roar of the water of the river. The hall is 110 meters long, 40 meters wide and 35 meters high and was formed by the collapse of the Trigradska river in the cave. Thus nature has created the incredible cascade of 18 waterfalls, the largest of which is 42 meters or the largest underground waterfall in the Balkans. You can hear the loud roar of the water, which falls with a terrible force and is lost in the siphon 150 meters long. Next is a 60-meter gallery that guides the water and returns it to the surface.

Orpheus Rocks and Smolyan Lakes 

Orpheus Rocks is one of the emblematic tourist sites in the immediate vicinity of the center of the resort. Pamporovo and the Snezhanka tower. They are located near the Snezhanka peak and the TV tower in the resort. A marked hiking trail leads to them. Legend has it that Orpheus sat on the rocks, drawing inspiration for his songs from the beautiful nature and the panorama that opens up from the rocky peak. On the way to Orpheus Rocks, you can visit the newly built observation platform.

The Smolyan Lakes are located above the town of Smolyan, at the foot of Mount Snezhanka and the Orpheus Rocks. The Smolyan Lakes are located step-wise on the left bank of the Cherna River, and from them you can see Mount Snezhanka, Orfeevi skali and the Bride. The lakes are of landslide origin. In the past there were 20, but today there are only seven. A large part of them have been lost over the years, and others have simply become bogged down and are now difficult to find. Today, the lakes are a magical corner of the city, where many local residents and tourists find salvation and coolness from the summer heat. There are very good camping and fishing opportunities, and the three highest lakes are connected by a beautiful nature trail.

The Smolyan Lakes can be reached by a hike, where a circular route connects three of the Smolyan Lakes - Bistro, Mutno and Trevistoto, or by means of a two-seater lift (lift #4). 


The Bachkovo Monastery 

The Bachkovo Monastery is the second largest and most important Bulgarian monastery. It is very conveniently located on a small terrace, to the right of the Chepelar river, next to the village of Bachkovo, 10 km from Asenovgrad and 30 km from Plovdiv. This makes it extremely easily accessible and is probably the most visited Bulgarian monastery. On weekends and major church holidays, thousands of believers, pilgrims and tourists visit the Monastery. They come to worship the shrine or simply to spend a few hours in the peace of the monastery or in its beautiful surroundings. The microclimate of the monastery valley, surrounded by the peaks of the Rhodopes, is very favorable, without extremes, cool in summer, and relatively mild in winter. This allows all kinds of vegetables to be grown in the monastery garden, and even figs ripen from the fruits near it.

The monastery serves twice a day - in the morning: morning and holy liturgy (at 7 a.m.) and in the evening - vespers (at 5 p.m., summer - 6 p.m.). The services on Sundays and on major holidays are especially solemn, when the church is announced by the angelic singing of specially invited church choirs.


Shiroka Laka Architectural and Folklore Reserve 

Shiroka Laka has been declared an architectural and folklore reserve. The village got its name from the Old Bulgarian word "lѫka", meaning curve, curve, winding.
Shiroka Laka is known for its authentic Rhodope houses such as Zgurovska, Uchikovska and Grigorovska, etc. The village is located on the main road Smolyan - Devin. You can get to it both from the city of Smolyan on the road through the Prevala pass and the village of Stoikite, and through the resort of Pamporovo. Both roads connect in the village of Stoikite, and from there it is only 6 km to Shiroka Laka.

Every year, on the first Sunday of March, the international cooking festival "Pesponedelnik" is held in the village. According to beliefs, kukers drive away evil forces and bring health and prosperity to the residents and the village.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church

is one of the local attractions, it was built in 38 days in 1834. The iconostasis of the church is unique. It is assumed that it was painted by students of the brothers Dimitar and Zahari Zograf from Samokov. There is also the hypothesis that they painted the church themselves. Near the church is the old school, built in 1835.